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Freelance Design

Artwork made for various clients in my free time

The Professional Amateur

About | August 2023


A friend of mine recently has started a YouTube
channel about interests and hobbies. He asked
me to design a logo for his channel page.

Problem: Create a clean logo that showcases The Professional Amateur's mission of providing those interested in hobbies a way to learn the processes
& other ins and outs of a hobby or craft


Solution: I went with a simple logo design following
an idea the client envisioned. A briefcase is an object professionals use to carry the tools of their trade,
so using a briefcase as an element in The Professional Amateur's logo conveys the channel creator's search
to add different trades & 
hobbies to their arsenal.
As an extra bonus, I also wanted to create an eye
catching pattern for the channel's banner in which viewers would immediately understand the purpose
of the channel.

I think all of the elements of this project turned out
ell & I wish him good luck!

TPA Pattern
Computer Mockup_edited.png
YT Channel Mockup.jpg

YouTube:            The Professional Amateur

TPA Logo
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Morgan Jeannette
& Lee Michael

About | June 2023


In 2019 my sister got engaged. Morgan & her fiancé planned
to get married in 2020...
 But when the pandemic hit in early 2020,
the couple had considered postponing the marriage but in the summer they
decided to mask up & got married at the courthouse
in the summer of 2020 with only an officiant & 
a witness present.
Fast forward to 2022 after COVID-19 related restrictions eased
up, the couple expressed interest in having a reception to celebrate their marriage.

Problem: They wanted Save the Dates & invitations that were more unique than other wedding invitations.


Solution: I designed a simple, classic style for their Save the Dates magnets. For the invitations I created a sleek & magical look.
I am very excited for the reception!

Wedding Invitation
Wedding Reception Save the Date_edited.j
Wedding RSVP Card

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Reception Moon.jpg

Save The Date Magnet



About | December 2022


A friend of mine recently has taken up a hobby of shooting professional dog show photographs.

Problem: She loves to post her work online, but has encountered accounts reposting without credit or permission. She approached me about designing a logo and watermark & of course I wanted to help!


Solution: Design a readable logo that gives a nod to her dog named Ace (short for Acepromazine). Acepromazine is a sedative for animals; yes, my friend is an animal medicine nerd! I made the "O" a benzene ring which is part of the chemical structure of Acepromazine. The "O" benzene ring also references the lens of a camera & the corner accents allude to a camera's focus marks.

I really love the outcome – a sleek, simple solution to an unfortunately common problem!

CHOSEN IMAGES_edited.jpg
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Photo credit:          thatgirl_with_curlyhair

The Houston Zoo Newsletter

About | April 2022


Problem: My family wanted to visit the Houston Zoo in the summer of 2022 to participate in the various centennial events. (Happy 100 years, Houston Zoo!)

Solution: I created a small newsletter of events that we were interested in going to or learning more about. I wanted the pages to be airy & interesting, highlighting certain events
& features that the Zoo has to offer.
I went to the Houston Zoo's website to get inspiration
& to closely follow the company's brand; it was very good practice for composing different layouts & trying new ideas.


Although it was a personal project & not something I was commissioned to do, I am very proud of the hard work I put
into the newsletter. I hope you enjoy it too!

Paw Print
Paw Print
Paw Print

Gretel Anne
& Travis E.

About | July 2018


In 2018 I was approached by a friend to design her & her husband's wedding invitations & reception signage. Their wedding flowers were roses & my friend wanted the wedding to look
classic with a hint of rustic.

Problem: The couple needed invitations, RSVP cards, supplemental wedding information
(map to reception location, signage, etc.)
& didn't know where to start!


Solution: I took care of all the hassle! Following their theme & direction, I designed, edited, proofed, & printed every single paper item needed for their event!

The wedding was so elegant & all the elements came together so beautifully. It was such
a pleasure to be a part of the couple's special day! If you are in need of an experienced designer to produce cards/invitations for
 your event, please do not hesitate to reach out
to me via email,
I look forward to hearing from you!


Invitation, RSVP card & map

Table signs & cookie tag

About | 2018-2020

Over the last few years, I have created an array
f dog portraits for clients who want their pet forever remembered in a simple, minimalistic style with flat colored layers.

Problem: Memorialize and honor clients' pets. Solution: Give the portraits life by focusing on the small details which merge beautifully together into the one image.

My clients loved their pet portraits, and I'm forever grateful for any opportunity to work on projects like these. Please note that I am always taking commissions to work on pet portraits! If you are interested, please contact me via email,

Pet Portraits

Decorative Circle.PNG
Chocolate Labrador.PNG

Chocolate Labrador

French Bulldog


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